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Notes: Part 2 Chojubai

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After the most important flowering in the coldest months of the year, dwarf flowering quince ‘Chojubai’ period begin to grow. At the end of this period the plant is usually multitasking, flowering and growth. What you will see are growths first whorl of several sheets. These do not have an extension. About the time the tree begins to slow down on flowering, large ramps period of growth and will create extensions. They begin as a white rosebud pink growing fatter.

chojubai extension 2

There are two types of growth in Chojubai: growth spiral is not extended, and shoot growth, it does. There is only one shoot growth in this photo. All others are spirals. These can produce flower buds, or later in the year could be extended.

chojubai extension

In the spring you want to see many extensions on your Chojubai. Not all tips will be extended, however, only about 10 percent of them.

What do we do, then, with our Chojubai at this time of year?

  • Let those extensions run free!
  • Do not Pinch …
  • then when cured out (usually around June), take your scissors bud, skinny pointy and cut them off, leaving after about 1/2 “(1 cm), which will have a maximum of three, and only a sheet on it. that’s in a tree set. A young tree is another story. it’s may want to stop extensions for one year to build trunk diameter. the Chojubai most will have a second wave of expansion during the summer, but there will be many.

Why let the extensions run?

  • They build energy for the tree, and grow better, too
  • You can develop your branch, and create more branches
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What if we are not seeing these extensions?

  • Make sure the tree is getting enough water and fertilizer. They like both.
  • Make sure the tree is in the soil is not compacted, or too thin
  • Upsize your container
  • Stop complaining! Make those changes, and wait. Chojubai is very sensitive to changes in breeding.

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Chojubai Test #372

Continuing our tradition of sharing the worst, most abysmal Chojubai experiments inspired … Bobby is here trying our test Chojubai # 372: Chojubai Chai. Given our many Brewings and tastings, it is probably wise not to patent our ingredients: Organic Chojubai petals, cardamom, sugar, organic chips moss, nickel-plated tool is not organic, organic fertilizer used, molding organic vegetarian worms. We try, but certainly not as hard enough

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Notes: Part 2 Chojubai

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