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Not too big, not too small – Kifu bonsai exhibition BIB

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Kifu bonsai do not get much attention. They are the trees that are a little bigger than shohin, but shorter than the average size of the bonsai. Usually they are between 8 and 12 inches tall.

The larger size allows a little more character and complexity of shohin trees, but still works on a fairly small scale compared to the bonsai chuhin a little bigger.

This is why it is worth a second look -. Some highlights of recent exposure Bay Island Bonsai

Sierra juniper – one of my favorites in the exhibition, see his story in Yenling Bonsai

red pine

Shimpaku – always a crowd favorite

Root on Satsuki azalea rock


Accent – anyone know the name



Yaupon holly

Moss accent – as simple as puts

exposed root of black pine

cork oak



black pine

pine black

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Not too big, not too small – Kifu bonsai exhibition BIB

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