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Noelanders Trophy 2013 –

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I just returned from a tour of Europe and the desire to share some of the wonderful energy I saw there. I did a workshop and photo shoot in Germany, I went to see the trophy Noelanders in Belgium, and worked out an article about the town of Portland Bonsai Bonsai Focus in his studio in The Hague. And I went to see two operas in Vienna with my aunt. long trip, but will post parts of bonsai blog in parts over the next week-

was great to talk with some of the bright lights of European bonsai world, including David Benavente, Peter Warren, Marc Noelanders, and Mauro Stemberger, and also some of the new artists of the new generation as Michael Tran. Thanks to my friends magazines Art of Bonsai (Ivo, Tom Stephan) and Bonsai Focus (Farrand, René), and the study of bonsai Bonsai Centrum (Ingo and Wolfgang) all of which made this trip a delight. Most especially thanks to Heike van Gunst who armed the German leg of the tour. (Heike was the translator of my book after the German date, which runs as a series in the magazine Bonsai Art, was very nice to meet her in person.) So it was a great trip to meet some of the most wonderful artists today, and also to personally thank those who have been working with me virtually on the web for some now- time

was fun to be with Ryan Neil for the last part of this trip Bonsai Focus where it was doing a photo shoot (I do not document that out of respect for Farrand and Rene who will share in his magazine soon!) So the trip ended as another Portland Bonsai people experience thanks, Ryan, again, being a partner so cheerful and fun and sharing bonsai thoughts about the show, and see how it compares with our ideas for artisans Cup in Portland this October-

Read also:   artisans Cup website is here!

to start, here are some pictures of some of my favorite trees the Noelanders trophy this past weekend, along with some of the most playful elements that make such a delicious spectacle and serious to attend





















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Noelanders Trophy 2013 –

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