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New twist in slabs –

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A couple of years tried a stovetop nylon as a slab for a double trunk Mountain Hemlock.

Last year we had a good time here tower vine maple, the use of a joint system of internal nylon.

And earlier this spring we took a new twist to that idea, using this time a material called Corian countertop. Here are some pictures of a great mountain Hemlock I still have to present here (eventually …) are placed on a slab of Corian:


Konnor (solid) and Bobby ( stripes) bringing the Hemlock Mountain in the study. It was in this plywood, since the design of a couple of years ago, and this year was in danger of simply rot.


After sliding on the board Corian, Konnor trace the shape of the soil mass.


Bobby try a new idea, cutting the plate at an angle of 45%.


Stuck in the feet, just pieces of Corian-


I’m having a ridiculously hard time lifting the camera. Phew.


Our slab completed. We painted the 45% cut edge of a dark gray color. rather liked the feeling of floating the great mass of moss, what do you think?

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New twist in slabs –

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