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new pot bonsai – Keizan

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have recently added a new bonsai pot to my collection a Keizan (I think) -. Tokoname ceramics that could be 60 years of age (estimate Akio Kondo)

What should I look for when shopping for bonsai pots? The same characteristics that I look in the trees – the age, character and beauty. I try to limit my purchases to pots that I can use for trees that I have, but as is the case with many collection activities, often should I buy pots for those without a specific need.

Of course, I hope to have the need at some point – I think the boat would be ideal for a strong juniper, medium-sized enterprises

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Keizan -. 13.5 ” L x 10 “W x 5.5” H

feet cloud




Keizan chop

had forgotten me if Akio said “Keizan” or “Seizan” when I bought the pot, but I was able to find the chop excellent “and Chop, Seal Signature” page of Ryan Bell in the Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog -. my go-to resource for all pot things related bonsai (Thanks Ryan! )

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new pot bonsai – Keizan

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