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New flowering plants …

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The word ‘partner’ and ‘accent’ are used interchangeably to indicate a plant or an object used in the display of bonsai. Last year I made a post several in my backyard …

… and here are a few more.

have been heavily focused on native perennials Northwest since moving to Portland, Oregon. Part of the reason is that many of the offers nursery seem a little flashy for me, not the austere, honest look, try to find in all our bonsai and accessories. (I made an exception in this case with a purple columbine, a genre that I have a soft spot for my purple … is a double-flowered variety, and certainly the result of intelligent breeding.)

some months, I’m so excited about accents as easily bonsai. One of the curiosities of accents is that depending on how the perennial grows that year, or clipped, flowers or just that week, the front of it changes.

Hawkweed is an easy plant to flower, too easily spread. Sowing in pots so easily that one has to be very careful to pluck the flowers when finished blooming or take more happily in pots where it is not wanted. This species of hawkweed is not native to the Northwest, but has a nice free flowering bloom, yellow. This joined with a small red Columbine flowers in summer. The hexagonal pot is from my days as a potter.

An evergreen penstemon Washington, planted on the piece of lava.

This saxífraga came together as a small plant can not see when I picked up a patch of moss and ferns licorice. It was the fern was looking for. Two years later, the saxifrage has taken over and reduced to small tiny fern leaves. Sometimes not worth fighting success. The boat is a half sphere of metal with drainage holes. A case could be that I have no idea what I’m doing.

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This composition is, as some of my favorites, not made by me. I took a piece of bark that had notes of moss and several other things growing on it, and potted up. Next spring discovered false Solomon’s seal (left), miner’s lettuce (white flower), and two species of ferns growing in moss. I like to let it grow a little neglect.

double flower purple Columbine seed. I prefer the natives for viewing because they are less showy, but this is difficult to resist having on the banks … Another one of my pots. The leaves have been halved in three years.

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New flowering plants …

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