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New American Masters – Michael Hagedorn

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My recent visit to Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection of Weyerhaeuser coincided with a special exhibition, New American Masters, featuring the work of Michael Hagedorn and Ryan Neil. Pairing is appropriate – both have returned from bonsai study in Japan in recent years, who together founded the Portland Bonsai Village, and next year are riding what is looking to be more ambitious bonsai event of America, the artisans Cup Portland Bonsai exhibition – an event on which I will have more to say next week.

Below is a biography of Hagedorn and some of the screens prepared for the event occurs.

Michael Hagedorn has a fund of artworks with a Masters in Ceramics The New York State College of Ceramics. His interest in bonsai has had several transformations – a hobby when he was a teenager, a professional potter making bonsai containers in the 1990s, and then travel to Japan to apprentice with Master Shinji Suzuki in 2003.

Michael’s return from Japan in 2006 settled in Portland as professional bonsai artist, where you create, teaches, writes about bonsai. Shortly after returning he established the program season for those willing to travel to study bonsai in Portland. In 2008 he was the author of an anecdotal book learning, POSTDATADOS-: Schooling a Irreverent Bonsai Monk. He has a couple of books in the works, and weekly blogs.

Michael is a founding member of the Portland Bonsai Village. His efforts with the people focus on promoting excellence, forming a professional network and showcase bonsai feasible, and inspiring bonsai enthusiasts nationally and internationally.

Engelmann Spruce - 20 years in training

Engelmann Spruce – 20 years in training

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Engelmann Spruce

View from the left side


a board nylon serves as a pot – nice moss work

'Chojubai' Japanese Flowering Quince - 40 years in training

‘Chojubai’ Japanese flowering quince – 40 years in training

Accent plants

accent plants

Mountain Hemlock - 2 years in training

Mountain Hemlock – 2 years of training


moss and nylon table serve as pot – check out the roots growing through the moss

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New American Masters – Michael Hagedorn

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