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Napa Valley Bonsai Club of Annex 2016

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The Napa Valley Bonsai Club held its annual exhibition last Saturday at the Senior Center in Napa, California. The event featured a display area, club sales, silent auction, sellers and demonstration. President Brent Ihli did a great job leading the crew that created the series, won the show, and the show broke in one day. I had the pleasure of working on a trident maple for the show and enjoyed the presentation to an audience that included many people who were new to bonsai.

The show itself featured a variety of trees that look good in the spring, including a Satsuki azalea in full bloom. Here are some of the highlights.

Satsuki Azalea

Japanese maple

Pine black




hazelnut Contorted

pine Black on a rock


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Napa Valley Bonsai Club of Annex 2016

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