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remember the days when Moss was the enemy. The idea was that the moss prevents water penetration, or pot is kept too wet. So it was a surprise when I was an apprentice to Mr. Suzuki encouraged moss growing on the ground, and discovered that there were some advantages to having there.

broken moss on top of the volcanic soil (akadama / pumice) 1 / 8-1 / 4 “thick, with live moss grated added to inoculate. Often add ink to it so it’s not straw, while moss is established. be sure to use some sphagnum moss, not peat moss. the sphagnum peat moss is rotten, and tends to be water resistant when dry. the best Sphagnum for use often sold as moss ‘Orchid’, and is straw colored and is like a sponge when sprayed with water.

If applicable in the early spring when transplanting, a carpet of moss live will be well established by the summer. This photo was taken in June and looked like the picture above in February. Even Sphagnum applied in early summer will great benefits, although the living moss could not be established in the summer heat

the advantages are as follows:.

1-Help holding capacity of water near the surface where it dries faster

2-creates much greater root growth in the top layer of soil that is otherwise too dry way to the roots. From a bonsai pot is largely limited space, this is very significant.

3-prevents soil erosion

4 Da sense of stability one year, age, and cleaning

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