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I recently added a new tree in my collection – A mountain hemlock. I have not worked with the variety before, so I have a lot to learn ahead of me.

Mountain Hemlock

hemlock Mountain – Tsuga mertensiana

My first goal for the tree is the development of a healthy root base. To do this, I will lay bare half of the tree root and enter the roots exposed to bonsai soil. Transplant start by finding surface roots.


Hemlock – out of the pot

I’m lucky – large surface roots are sitting just below the soil line. The roots are not perfect, but they are healthy and abundant.

Surface roots

shallow roots

After locating surface roots, I removed all the floor of the front half of the root ball. As I worked, I found two large roots that had been cut and from healed.


callus root

to promote the development of the new root, I cut the corn in one of the roots. I will do the same with the other root the next time you repot.

Cutting the callus away

callus removed

As no large roots, I was able to fit the bonsai tree in a large pot. That’s how I prepared the cables.

Wiring the pot

Pot ready to go

large surface roots of the tree made tie the tree in the boat a breeze. Here you can see that the root protected with a belt of the car – a stick to keep the rope from slipping closer to the trunk

Auto belt protects roots

belt Automotive protects the root


seeing the tree in a pot of bonsai made me excited about the future of the tree -. Especially the deadwood near the base of the trunk

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Hemlock - repotting complete

Hemlock – Full transplantation

Although dead wood here is something unusual, training is not uncommon among the hemlock bonsai.

Deadwood detail

Deadwood near the trunk

From what I can tell, hemlock bonsai is becoming increasingly popular these days. I hope – I think it’s an attractive variety. For more fun hemlock, curiously titled subsequent visit Michael Hagedorn, “Mountain Hemlock in levitated Board of nylon.”

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Mountain Hemlock

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