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My recent trip to Portland included a stop in the garden of Ryan Neil. The last time I had visited a year ago (see “Pines” and “junipers” for details). This year I was struck by how different the trees looked before he had finished making my way through the door. In a word, they were full – really full. Twelve months ago, many of bonsai in the garden were being prepared for Craftsman Cup. This year, the trees were getting a deserved break to restore their vigor.

Seeing how quickly everything was developing, I felt compelled to look closely – as if I was going to lose out on the fly before my next visit. Such progress is encouraging and is a testament to the fantastic work Mirai is doing.

An indicator of the quality of bonsai is fun when trees look good from different angles. Take the super Rocky Mountain juniper down – one of my favorites -. As an example

Rocky Mountain juniper

This is the back of the tree. It looks great, but the other side has more drama and best deadwood.

juniper mountain rock – front

The boat, for those seeking, it is a special Ron Lang.

Pot by Ron Lang

Here is another great Rocky Mountain juniper.

Rocky Mountain juniper

This tree is also viewed from the back. Yes, it’s interesting, but do not give the other side an opportunity.

Rocky Mountain juniper with deadwood, with

is perfectly acceptable when trees are best seen from some angles than others.

Juniper Rocky Mountain

Juniper Rocky Mountain

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Rocky Mountain juniper

One of the funniest compositions in the garden was a group of fir trees planted on a piece of dead wood.

Spruce planting

And here are some of my favorite pine trees in the garden.

Limber pine

lodge pine pole

Limber pine

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