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Matt, Tyler and Bobby in Japan –

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Part II of our trip to Japan earlier this month …


Tyler Sherrod, in one of those lucky shots of light and opportunity that make it one of my favorite photos of the trip. This was a spectacularly rare red pine I was working, I remembered the odd reaction wood and flattened some of our native lodgepole can participate in curves. In any case, Tyler did well with it.


look a lot like a post two years ago, here is the truck rare side opening that Suzuki used to transport the trees Kokufu, which fortunately came to one of the no snow days.


Matt reel, in one of his famous ‘make a face’ photos. Rarely I have a picture of him, no hamming it up. Here it is one of the platforms used to transport the trees Kokufu back to Nagano, in the greenhouse that is protected from freezing heaters. The trees are in the show for too long to be trusted just a windbreak in the Arctic Nagano.


Bobby Curttright with one of the trees of the series, in a car, somehow navigating the narrow aisles of large greenhouses. He likes striped shirts. Tearing the fabric on the floor, placing almost perfect shot …


pine settled in the greenhouse protected non-freezing Tyler and Bobby . I’m being very useful in this photo, lifting his head vigorously.


After working in my four trees that had the task of showing some of them in the teahouse where Suzuki welcomes customers. I suspected he would not like the two brackets under the wooden figure, and it was OK. The golden rule is a support by element. Well, some of the elements that I used not go well, but then if I had gotten all wrong I would have learned even more. Rats. failure.

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At least he seemed happy with the tree. The shot before is in last place.


Suzuki usually launch a design challenge me on these trips. Sometimes it is very complicated. This, he had bought at an auction or less a year earlier, worth mulling over. It was obvious that this tree is grown for many years with this as the front, with evidence of how the branches were formed, and how the top is grown. Something that was not too exciting about it, though.


When I looked closer, I found that the key branch was very weak, and part of it, the biggest part, had died out. Rarely we want to choose a front with a weak key branch.


After fumbling and tilt it up at the front, the back of the tree seemed very likely a new front. There was a very strong and interesting to the left, a strong foundation of torque, key branch and something that Suzuki is not afraid to present-pigeon breast. A more aggressive than the last front, but better sense for several reasons. I chose this, and luckily I had chosen the right or the trip would have ended with a score of overall success lackluster … more photos in another post, with the style of this tree, and a juniper cascade. And Bobby juniper too!

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Matt, Tyler and Bobby in Japan –

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