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Young, Matt excellent and very high reel has been apprenticed in Japan under Shinji Suzuki since 2006, and could be there for a while yet. Matt is Portland, Oregon, and those of you here who know me you’ve been doing have been asking … and there is no better way mostrar√°-

Matt appeared in the November 2010 of Kinbon, and as some of us get this magazine, I copied some pages so that you all can “read” it … or at least see pictures of him creating a very pleasant juniper. Matt left a young quiet Portland height of 18 and in any case is higher, however, bolder, and his work is as thoughtful as it is, as this article shows. Its refinement is very skilled, and the last photo is Matt standing behind the black pine was asked to work on the show Kokufu, before you start working on it …

For those who have not heard yet, Matt is thinking back to Portland, Oregon to be a part of our growing group of brothers including the remarkable Ryan Neil, slightly shorter than Matt, to form our ‘Portland Bonsai Village’, inspired by the long tradition of professionals support each other in Omiya Bonsai Village, Japan’s century.

Bravo, Matt! Looking forward to your return!

Matt is at the top; Mr. Suzuki, our bold and supportive teacher, is provided at the bottom of the page.

Matt is crouching here … but it is a big fucking black pine.

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Matt reel in Japan!

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