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Matt just coil 7 years and 9 months …

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… as an apprentice with Shinji Suzuki! Are hat off to you, Matt, this is a big week for you!

If any of you remember the ridiculous, stressful stories of my book I backdated over the life of the learner, so, how anyone could have done that for almost 8 years is just amazing to me, and that makes me smile, too. I hope that these stories can give some sense of how this momentous event is for Matt.

Matt joined us briefly last March by season, and here are some photos of your visit:


In total surprise, Matt reel called me this week from a taxi in Japan, asking if he would be around the next day. He was, so were my students in season, so that on his first day in the United States as a free man did a little bonsai work after just finishing his 7 years and 9 months of learning with Shinji Suzuki. We fed him well in celebration, and then his yew replanted with the kind of season. Congratulations Matt! Learning is a high water mark of the dedication and passion that could never be reached again. Welcome home!


Matt yew that what has been lacking in desperation, and finally decided to transplant this week.


Looking forward to having you around in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, Matt. Again, welcome home!

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Matt just coil 7 years and 9 months …

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