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While maintenance work such as cutting smaller or wiring can make a brightness of trees, are the largest cuts that really speed along development. Of course, we not always enter workshops waiting to make these big cuts. Such was the case of a tree that was presented to the Bay Island Bonsai workshop last week. After selecting a new front and then transplant pine, it became clear to the owner of the tree that the first branch of the Left was too low and too heavy.

Before removing branch

pine Black

The one already spends the development of a branch, the harder it can be to remove it as the necessary effort to regrow It is not lost on us. As these and other thoughts passed through the mind of Eric, cutters left and the branch broke off.

Removing the first branch

Making the Cut

Branch removed

That was easy

Branch removed

Rama eliminated

lightening first branch made a big difference that will really show the next time the tree is decandled cable. And I do not think this is going to be far as the tree is healthy. Here are some pictures of the transplant.

A healthy tree

New roots growing in December


Where do they end?

After trimming roots

After removing the strange roots

It took a lot of work just to get to the land of the roots emerged -. A super sign of a happy tree

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