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Maintenance and Care of Bonsai, How to Care for bonsai tree – Caring for a bonsai is not as hard as commonly thought. However, considering that the Bonsai are planted in small pots some basic guidelines on when to water, fertilize and plant your trees should be followed.

This part of the website will give you some information about how to care for your bonsai trees; Use the menu on the top to browse through the pages of bonsai care or some basic rules. Specific advice on a tree of a particular species can be found on the appropriate page of the section of species.

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Basics of Bonsai Tree Care

Although bonsai trees are a bit more delicate compared to most houseplant, some basic rules should allow to properly caring for your tree to anyone. The most important aspects are irrigation, fertilization and the right choice of where to put it.

Watering Bonsai

How often you need to be watered bonsai depends on a range of factors, including tree species, size and climate. Instead of just water your tree every day, however should be carefully monitored and watering once the soil is slightly (but not completely) dry; should always be wet. When watering, you should do it generously making sure the water comes out the drainage holes of the pot.

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Because bonsai are usually placed in small pots periodic fertilization is needed to replenish the essential nutrients for the tree. You may want to use a “special bonsai fertilizer” but any fertilizer (though be careful not to use too much). Follow the instructions as indicated on the packaging of payment with respect to the amount and timing.

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Location, temperature and sunlight

Deciding the right place to put your tree is essential to your wellbeing. First note that there are no “indoor trees” simply are tropical species that can live while being placed in the warm atmosphere of the interior of a house. Most trees should be placed outdoors (although depending on the tree species) as they generally require much lower temperatures. Most of the tree species prefer an environment of high clarity, usually with some direct sunlight.

Other guidelines for the care of bonsai

Learn more about other topics of bonsai tree care, including how to transplant a bonsai and what to do if pests or diseases, via the menu on the top.

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