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Lights, camera – Bonsai

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Two lights per tree – that was the sum of the lighting in the craft Cup. The effect was dramatic.


My first view of exposure

To better convey the form of tables and backdrops, here is a photo that is a little overexposed.


Yew flanked by hemlock, cedar and juniper East Rocky Mountain

Many of the trees with dead wood looked particularly good in low light as the jin and shari in contrast to the background.

California juniper

California juniper John Kirby

Denso, healthy foliage also looked very good against the dark background. I noticed this in particular in a number of mountain pine and hemlock on the screen.

White pine

white pine Konnor Jenson


Mountain hemlock by Anthony Fajarillo (see article tree)

Here’s another shot with the background lightened a little.

Southwestern white pine

southwestern white pine by Greg Brenden

And on the other hand, here’s another tree in low light conditions.

Ponderosa pine

ponderosa pine Scott Elser

exposure Could have benefited from more light? Good question. Lighter, and could carry out in more detail in the trees, but at the cost of diminishing the surprise factor. Part of me wanted to get a better view of the trees, but another part of me was grateful for the spotlight. I’ve seen plenty of well-lit shows – it was a pleasure to see the handcrafted lighting design presented in the artisans Cup. And I can not help thinking that the lighting will be even better next time.

Upon leaving the exhibition, visitors pass one of the most spectacular pieces in the room – a Engelmann spruce planted on a large piece of dead wood. The shadows on the wall were intriguing -. The tree made a big farewell to an impressive display

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Engelmann spruce

Engelmann spruce

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Lights, camera – Bonsai

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