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Lessons wiring, Wayne Schoech, and Spruce

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Wayne Schoech, owner of the stone lantern and well known to many of you for your blog popular BonsaiBark, visited Portland last week immersion for four days wiring. Here are some pictures of your visit:


Wayne began with some exercises that explored the physical wiring of the wire anchors and planning, and then progressed to this pine.


setting concepts, sharing how to place a branch and establish a cushion.

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Talk of organization pad on the tree he was working on an Ezo spruce.


For the visit of Wayne we refer to this excellent beginner book wiring, available in stone lantern .99 cents. Quite a deal. We started with some solid aluminum plastic cover up the trunk to deliver the full 240 volts to the treetop. This is a new direction for Crataegus Bonsai but it looks promising and we will let you know how it turns out.


Some of you have seen this fir Ezo earlier in this blog. slowly it is developing some density near the crowns and pads are gaining ground. This spring is going to go on some sort of platform, probably one of those strange things nylon’ve been playing with. So you might see this again soon. 42 “/ 106 cm base root to crown.


Because this is supposed to be a blog of educational bonsai suppose I should include some useful bonsaiists, yes therefore, the tip of the week: When working on spruce, always short, if you will cut a firefight always cut just before an outbreak otherwise, he will die back to where there is an outbreak.. it may take a year, but will be yellow and eventually die again. and this is about the last month you’d like to connect a fir tree, with the range from fall to spring.

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Lessons wiring, Wayne Schoech, and Spruce

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