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Landscape bonsai tree – Part 3

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Last year I started working in a Japanese black pine that was developed as a landscape tree (here’s part 1 and part 2 the history). The work of this year was less exciting than last year, but made me much happier. Why? Because I am now committed to a design direction (ie, I cut most of the remaining branches). Here’s a picture of the tree last year:

After plucking old needles

April 2012 – new needles are beginning to lengthen

needles last year grew well and the tree they regained some vigor. In the fall I removed the old needles.

Black pine

January 2013

Shortly after removing the old needles, I worked in the tree with Daisaku Nomoto. Nomoto and I agreed that a semi cascade approach would be a good way to develop the tree. Originally I thought of making a full waterfall, but the massive base lends itself better to the semi waterfall. It was the transition from the trunk to the most interesting and gradual first branch, waterfall approach might have been the best option. With the firm, I cut of most of the two highest branches.

Future planting angle

After removal of the two main branches

We made a little growth in the upper branch to reduce shock to the tree and to preserve the as many as possible lifeline until it is time to remove the upper trunk and create Jin and Shari.

To help identify the front of the angle and tree planting, Nomoto rigged a copper wire and sinker. When the ends of the two wires are, I found my point of view. Vertical aluminum wires indicate the front selected.

How to indicate planting angle


Nomoto said the rootbase could be better developed. To help existing thick roots and to encourage new roots, Nomoto recommends weeknight roots with soil.

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root base – front


root base – back

Exposed roots covered

roots Bonsai ground covers

with that done, the tree is all set so far in decandling.

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Landscape bonsai tree – Part 3

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