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About two months, I removed most of the growth in the spring of my root-over-rock trident maple (see “Refining Trident Maple ” for more details).

After cutback

Arce trident – 4/1/12

The mild climate has produced moderate growth since. The tree is complete and some buds begin to extend beyond the general outline.

Trident maple

Arce trident – 5/25/12

To prevent swelling branches, vigorous shoots’m taking every time I see them. The longest shoot in the tree shown below.

Elongated shoot

vigorous outbreak

Shoot removed

vigorous outbreak removed

Most outbreaks removed were much more little ones.

New growth

Small shooting

From past experience, I have found that this trident is often the first tree in the garden to dry. To help cope with the tree in a warm climate, a saucer filled with pebbles plastic that will provide a home maple throughout the summer.

Water tray

Saucer with rocks and water

Maple on water tray

The pot nestled in the rocks

This technique is ideal for providing the trees and accents with additional water when needed. Most pots still on top of the rocks to avoid getting too wet. Wisteria, on the other hand, as more water. To wisteria, I add fewer rocks to the plate so the trees can get more water. Although the dishes are not a substitute for good watering habits, I find that more help when I’m not near to water as often as I would like.

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Keep dry in summer bonsai ago

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