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juvenile growth of junipers … Corte? To leave alone?

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I received several emails about how to handle juvenile foliage of junipers, and felt like this was one of those discussions that could be useful to a larger group of people.

  • growth Juvenile junipers it is when the buds appear needle-shaped growth in typically range growth scale (some of which are listed then).


This is the juniper Rocky Mountains a scale juniper, showing growth of the past as the peak year, juvenile foliage, with the tip transition to adulthood foliage scale.

juvenile growth tip is a response to either too much loss of foliage nips (not to), pruning too hard, or sometimes too much fertilizer. Naturally, since the mature foliage scale is more pleasing to the eye, and that is what grows the tree when contained, we could have the urge to cut the child out.

  • do not do that. Let alone juvenile foliage.
  • The problem is that if we cut the growth of youth, which has probably cut everything is new growth juniper. And that would be deeply, seriously, and really bad enough intensity. A juniper needs its new foliage to stay healthy and strong.

When the tree is ready, grow new foliage scale tips in place of youth. They go with yellow, brown time, and finally, the needles are thrown juvenile foliage. However, it may be a year or two of impatient waiting for this to happen. You may want to stock up on gloves so you do not chew nails out.

Of the clearly junipers type scale, Itoigawa is one of the most culpable in the way as easily returns to juvenile foliage after a stronger pruning. Rocky Mountains can return to minors. The same goes for Sierra. Shimpaku is one of the least susceptible.

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In short: Let your juvenile foliage to their own devices, concentrate on other trees to dilute impatience, and try not to repeat the offenses juniper last

For more. about keeping junipers, junipers query entry Never Pinch!

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juvenile growth of junipers … Corte? To leave alone?

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