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Juniper veins live and how they move …

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… or become smaller, to be exact.

When a style juniper, very often changes the live vein size. It is usually an adjustment to loss of foliage, or loss of branches, which tend to occur during combing.

Usually, the sides of the vein is reduced, so the vein will narrow. Except in the smallest of trees a vein will never become wider. (This reluctance to cover a wound is why not cleanly cut a large branch to the trunk, as a force of a pine or maple, we expect the rest of callus and near. A juniper not going to do that so make jin ).

Although not widen, eventually the live vein will grow bulbous , growing out of the trunk. The top of this antique live juniper shows a vein having a rounded at the same character. This is a very old live vein. Dead wood on both sides died many years ago, probably for decades in the mountains.

This juniper lucky. The vein decreases to the point that unexpectedly adds complexity. a spiral was added and became more dramatic. In this Rocky Mountain Juniper, I realized that the crust was loose in one area, and after investigating discovered that the live vein had retired after the tree was designed years. There was a bit of dead bark that could be removed. I did, and cleaned the dead wood with sandpaper exposed. Now the tree is a little more jazz than it was …


A spiral vein live in a Rocky Mountain Juniper. The investigation found that live vein had retired, and there were some dead bark removed. The red areas are dead-zones compared with the photo below, after removing the dead bark. ( ‘The dead bark’ is an odd set of words, all bark is dead, technically Which meant he had no cambium or phloem live below the crust.).

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DSC_0147 - Version 2

Cleaning the bark reveals the true nature of the veins.


The entire tree, 28 “/ 71 cm. This tree actually has two veins that directly on the floor, providing two parts of the tree. The branch cascade has a vein, and trunk upright has another. tree was collected by Randy Caballero over 8 years. This rock has a fine that many foliage, also greener, more like Itoigawa that most Rockies. there is so much variability in juniper foliage that makes it very exciting and full of personality from one tree to another.

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Juniper veins live and how they move …

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