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Juniper reviewing a waterfall –

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Here’s a Rocky Mountain Juniper some of you might recognize … picked up by Randy Caballero, and a style about three years ago in a waterfall .

The tree has been replanted since starting the style, and was reconnected last week. This post is a photo essay of that wiring …


Before rewiring: Rocky Mountain Juniper after growing for several years after their initial style


This live vein has died back slightly ..


… the elimination of the dead zone dieback. It is quite common after styling a juniper have some reduction in the vein live.


A thick jin …


… and the elimination of some of the right side of the interesting jin to make it less awkward.


The first pots were left with a large mound of what we really wanted, so brought down the mound a little. And we will probably take again a little more in the future.


Front. You need better pot, but the size is right. The upper right-jin has slimmed down a touch. There are a lot of swoopy jins, and use the same round feeling / locking in placing pads foliage, instead of making a stable triangle out of them. Which it is not exactly textbook, but I like to give a feeling waterfalls less stable, so did anyway. It was a fun tree working with him and quite unusual for its intricate, twisting, and very old “bones”.

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Juniper reviewing a waterfall –

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