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Juniper needle Restyling –

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This tree is too high. And branches are a bit long, legs too.

One problem entering design bonsai is that with time and growth, height and length of the branches can begin us to separate trunk. Literally destroy the design, so it is weaker. And this tree has a good trunk, which is a sufficient reason to consider that the redesign, to compact design.

another possibility, which currently flows to the right is also achieved. There is nothing wrong with the correct flow, but I was thinking a tighter design is to the left, but for now, we will lose some density, interest and development in the branch. So for the short term, they do not look so good … But the right branch is young, which is another reason to stay away from using it as a fundamental branch, indicating the flow.

Given that thinking and willing to be patient for a few years of re-growth recrystallize design-redesign this tree this week.

Juniper is a needle Juniperus rigida , we do not see much outside Japan. Cutting summer is over, when long extensions are cut. Working in the juniper needle will make expressive among us let out periodic howls, as has the vilest needles stiff, pointy any conifer. Nice to have apprentices.


Juniper needle before redesign. Interestingly, this is very similar to me as the old work in Japan and the United States, with long legs and long branches vertices that seem too high. The good things about this work is the participation on branch and filling, which often is nice. The downside is that they tend to ignore the trunk, because we are so committed to the foliage …

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Step … shortening of the crown.


branches cut from the top.


area reworks crown.

Tree image6

with the shortest crown. A small jin remains there.


Step Two reconsider the flow. the fundamental right branch is then removed.


Branches cut the right side of shortening the fundamental branch, and is a branch of balance.


Final redesign. It will take some years to crystallize the way, especially the density of the crown and the length of the lower branches. The most important thing in his favor today is that now is a more compact design, refocusing on the trunk. It should be good for about 10 years before he may need another trip to the store, to lift the hood and see what could use tweaking.

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Juniper needle Restyling –

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