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Juniper foliage needle

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On my last visit to Aichi-in, Juan Andrade and I took some time to compare the different foliage in some of the junipers needle in the garden.

juniper Needle

juniper needle foliage

It can not be a great difference in the size of the sheets between specimens. If you are working with a small tree, smaller foliage is desirable.

Juniper small needle

compact foliage

The foliage juniper below is good but not as compact as the foliage of the above samples.

Needle juniper

The foliage below is a little big for a small tree of this type.

larger needles

Here is another tree with compact foliage.

compact foliage

Size foliage is less important for the larger specimens, although the color of the needle, health, and density of all the material for these trees. Here are two of the largest specimens in the garden.

large juniper needle

Needle juniper – fun deadwood

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Juniper foliage needle

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