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Juniper big project: ‘The Fish’: Part III: Finis

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This post is the third (and last!) Of our three-day adventure with Rocky Mountain Juniper. I’ve never done a string in the daily life of the messages of this type. You like me? If so I’ll try again around the bend.

Good. Bobby and I do not smell of rotten eggs today, thankfully. After a style today, juniper is as complete as it will be around eight months when it could be replanted if done well and grown a little. If it is slower than expected could wait one year and a half before hermetically sealing up in a bonsai container.

Long outbreaks were retained in this tree to help recover from the curves that are the most severe hopefully ever have to endure as a bonsai. After that your life will be much easier. When I started my hamstring yoga hated me … somehow I compare the two. Bonsai tree is yoga. Of course, there is a pose ‘which real tree “is more like a place to be honest, but still called so.

need the picture in this inclination to be supported by another box (much bloody wood entering this project, is not there?) so I could sit with stability for a good part of a year of strong winds and everything. not that we have too many of those here, but occasionally reach happen. it’s one of the reasons for a couple of tall poplar trees in my backyard went down, they were throwing branches all over the yard in windstorms. Akk! a good way to destroy years of development of bonsai in a few seconds.

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After the work of this intensity Juniper spend a couple of weeks out of the wind, in a greenhouse. But it will be in good sun there, and sometime in early September to diffuse into banks again by (hopefully) one of our nice long hot down here in Portland. It is all up to the tree at this point. If looks happy that soon out in the sun and wind and rain and the stars.

Well, that’s where we will leave this juniper. For now, at any RATE will probably post when this tree in pots on this new slant. Hopefully sometime this spring!


The Rocky Mountain juniper at the start of the third day …


Extraction weak foliage growth without tips


Wiring begins


Two branches need significant curves, which contains most of the branches back and the branch that supplies most of the twigs in the vertex


Before the apex branch moved


After placing the apex branch with a cable tie


Positioning outbreaks


Bobby positioning isinglass …


Approximately finished. The coarsely serrated bottom left were left as is because they will be in the pot in the future, although they may need butter. And the antennas leaving the vertex must be withdrawn think, it just looks too pointed. The key branch is a little low, too. So some adjustments are necessary at this stage. Good time to sit down, have a snack, and return with fresh eyes.


Replacing the side of the box with the screen to be able to water


Deadwood foreground


shot after the lower end vertex Settings branch by 24 “. / 61cm below the top jin branch: 38” / 97cm. We will build a wooden support so you can stay at this angle in the bank. The pot eventually crawled under the base with the lower jins cut into the pot, and the upper lip of the pot probably a little above the lowest branch. The tree will have a sense of cascading minor. Bobby and I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you have enjoyed sharing the experience! Cheers-

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Juniper big project: ‘The Fish’: Part III: Finis

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