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Juniper big project: ‘The Fish’: Part II

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This post is the second of our work this week on a rocky mountain juniper.

Today, both Bobby and lime sulfur smell, which, for the uninitiated, strong odor of rotten eggs. We had splashes of this solution above us. Fortunately I have no plans tonight. He was worried about getting a good start with the wife of Bobby, and I’m not sure that your house tonight arrival will help a lot. Which is sad as I was doing well; I was waiting for winter soups Annie, but after today could be rewarded with warm mush.

The day passed complete our cleaning and detailing. was only a small amount of size, especially tinkering about jins had been severed with a saw. This tree actually had very little to cut; we are using more or less the whole tree. Bobby has had several junipers warming to his credit and much of this has been familiar. This is our first major collaborative work.

Half Juniper work is the preparation work. The silver and calcium sulfide bleaching effect helps us see a little better live vein, which sometimes influences our front and tilt the election. He did this time. We continue to prefer our first choice. What is more or less where the whole tree has been photographed, isinglass turning right.

So far we have really done anything .. which is odd considering how well I slept last night. Everything we have done is clean and expose what was already there. Tomorrow we start the tree style. The light has been cooperating for photography .. nice warm, bright days here in Portland, Oregon, USA ..

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tomorrow then!


Retouching next area to live vein


Bobby enter your work..literally. You can easily see the buildup of algae in jins in this photo, which is what we are trying to take off in later photos. The increase may be more intense under a misting system. This tree did not grow a single root for one year, and was under the fog all the time. When he finally did grow the roots of dead wood it was pretty green.


wet whole tree to release the dirt on the best deadwood


blowing up all the dirt and algae of


still blasting. I do not think the neighbors appreciated our clean attitude.


Wash entire tree after blasting


You know it’s “business time” when the lime sulfur and brushes out. (A nod to fans of flight of the Conchords … apologize to others, they could not resist).


The tree at the end of the day, looking a little cleaner, all the preparation work completed

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Juniper big project: ‘The Fish’: Part II

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