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Juniper big project: ‘The Fish’: Part I

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This post is the first in a series of daily photos of a juniper in progress. It is the closest you can get to the blogs “real time”.

Bobby, my apprentice, and I’ve been taking our time with this Rocky Mountain Juniper, and enjoy the process of discovery bonsai tree inside. I collected this tree in the Rocky Mountains several years ago. This year is proving long shoots, which indicate the layout styling.

So far we have done a couple of things. We rebuild the box, for example. The new slope is about 75 degrees up, requiring a rethinking or floor would have been left out. It has also cleaned the bark on the tree to distinguish deadwood. And then he took out a lot of very old bark trapped between areas jins dead wood. Get rid of that it takes time.

At the end of the first day with this juniper I sat studying our work, and shouted at Bobby, who was out watering the bonsai garden, “This tree looks like a fish!” He came in and laughed, seeing the forked tail high in the air and said other fins and they, like the name of a real man would aquarium. Bobby background is in public aquaria. (Please understand that I mean “The Fish” as a nickname … for only surprisingly good bonsai in Japan are real names, names that are known as throughout the community, and although it is a beautiful tree, not is remote in that league.)

More photos tomorrow!


Rocky Mountain Juniper before work


From the reconstruction of the box so you can sit on a new slant

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screen around the trunk so that the land will not fall


New inclination


cleaning the old bark caught between jins


Bobby cleaning cortex


Doing some sanding removal of dead bark


carving a piece cut

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Juniper big project: ‘The Fish’: Part I

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