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June 18, Concave Branch Cutter Bonsai first tool

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By creating bonsai, concave cutter branches is one of the tools more difficult to replace bonsai. When I started creating bonsai, bonsai “real” tools were not tanaccesible.

I would cut a branch with scissors heavy garden, and then scrape the knot down with an exacto knife. My first real concave cutter seemed a miracle.

They did exactly what its name says. In less time and has done a much better job.

heels unsightly along the branches and trunk lines were QUIC Kly eliminated, not “razor” necessary. This tool is presented in at least four sizes, and a number of variations.

Do not buy two very small unless intend to work with very small plants. Cutter larger size Most people take two hands to handle.

The average size (about 8 “) is good for most pruning, unless trabajandocon large branches. In in that case, you can even consider a sierraen first.

No buy what is called a “ cutter melon ” until you have more experience.

If the wood of a branch is especially hard take a few “bites” while . although they are generally very robust, bonsai tools can break. Never force any tool!

make sure you have the right size to do the job. Forcing can cause damage to the equipment, its árboly, sometimes yourself.

When NO to use a
concave Branch cutter

examples of plants with these segments (, but they are not the only ) are:

note, the trees tend to have “back-die” should be cut flat, not concave.

Pitchecellobium Tortum , also known as Chloroleucon Tortum (the Raintree Brazilian ) is another good example of when not to use this tool bonsai.

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Segmented Branch

Working in a tree with branches obviously segmented

Will see the rings on the stems, branches or trunk. Save the concave blade s. Often they cut into a different segment than anticipated.

Select Tools carefully

There are several types of cutters branches. One that has a similar appearance is spherical knob cutter . Th is the tool performs a much deeper cut and is not r ecommended as the first tool.

If only going to buy a bonsai tool “real” concave cutter is the only branches.

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June 18, Concave Branch Cutter Bonsai first tool

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