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Joshua Roth 2014 New Talent Competition Bonsai

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Convention No. 37 State of the Federation hosted gold Bonsai Bonsai competition Joshua Roth New Talent 2014. The event has become one of the best places for recognizing new talent bonsai in North America. From the ABS website:

Bonsai new Joshua Roth Talent Competition is an annual competition to recognize and promote new bonsai talent in North America. The first prize is not more than $ 1,000 for an exclusive training course with an approved master bonsai. The first stage of the competition is a trial of photographs of trees previously designed by the participant. The second stage is the actual production of a bonsai during GSBF / ABS, 30 October 2014 Convention on Double Tree Hotel Sacramento CA. Joshua Roth and the American Bonsai Society sponsored this contest.

The contest this year featured junipers. By the time I got to the convention, the work had been completed. – Top honors and congratulations – go to Ryan Nichols, back to the roots of bonsai for his winning entry

Tree #5 - Winning Entry from Ryan Nichols

winner inscription Ryan Nichol

. GSBF New Talent Contest


GSBF New Talent Contest


GSBF New Talent Contest

Ryan at work

Congratulations to each of the participants to carry out both their trees in a limited period of time – well done

Tree #2 - Runner up

Tree # 2

Tree #3

Tree # 3

Tree #4

Tree # 4

Tree #7

Tree # 7

Tree #8

Tree # 8 Ron Anderson

Tree #8 before Tree # 8 before

Tree #8 before

Tree # 8 before – trunk detail

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Joshua Roth 2014 New Talent Competition Bonsai

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