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My Japanese plum has really enjoyed the warm weather this spring. Numerous long shoots emerging from the first branch of the tree have a slim look. It was time for some trimming.

Japanese plum

Japanese plum – May 2011

reduced the longest cable outbreaks and what was left of the new growth. This growth will shape the natural smooth plum and stimulate some of the weaker buds to grow stronger.

Japanese plum after cutback and wiring

After trimming and wiring

I did not remember seeing this kind of long shoots last year, so I checked my photos to see what the tree seemed to last spring. While healthy, the tree had no long stems, probably because repotted the tree last year but not this year (see “Repotting Japanese plum” for details).

I worked on the tree in a recent BIB workshop. Behind me, a small wire observer noted new outbreaks Jeff large bougainvillea. The cute little guy.

Frog hiding in bougainvillea

Frog hiding in Bougainvillea

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Japanese plum trim

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