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Japanese maple bonsai – working from a suboptimal starting

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This past winter, I received a number of Japanese maples with good roots, but no movement or any Taper . He was not sure what to do with them, so I considered my options. I thought I could

  • give them away
  • develop for the material landscape
  • destroy them, or
  • make a big cut and start zero

I went with the latter, although I’m not convinced I made the right choice. As the first branches in most of the trees were quite high, this meant we had to generate shoots that form the upper trunk. He was not sure how trees respond to such a drastic reduction in what I have left quite long logs. This is what they see as today.

Some of the trees show no signs of life or are growing slowly.

Japanese maple – No new outbreaks at this point

Japanese maple – a young shoots have emerged low trunk

Other trees are growing vigorously.

Japanese maple with a lot of new outbreaks

New shoots high up and down low will provide good choices for the future style

most of the younger trees are growing well, and that the bars are not as large, it will be relatively easy to make the transition from existing to new leaders trunks.

young maple with new outbreaks

spring foliage on young maple

As not takes a long time to grow maples to produce vigorous shoots that are too large for wiring, I will have to decide whether or not to wire in a short time. Until then, I’ll enjoy watching the new shoots develop.

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Japanese maple bonsai – working from a suboptimal starting

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