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Japan Suiseki Exhibition

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On February 9, 2014, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Tokyo opened its doors to a historic event – Suiseki Exhibition Japan. Produced by Nippon Suiseki Association, the event featured some of the best known stones vision of Japan and accessories. Highlights included suiseki points rarely had left their homes in temples and private collections, as Kurokamiyama This spectacular stone or shown with appropriate “Black Mountain hair.” – It works as a daiza – handscrolls and completed in 1812 describing their origins. (For pictures of Kurokamiyama, the handscrolls and all the other stones on display, find a copy of the book exhibition. If you know where you can buy, feel free to post links in comments.)

Recently under the leadership of President Kunio Kobayashi and Seiji Morimae chief administrator, the Association revitalized you are enjoying the success of the exhibition and is waiting for future events. Help coordinate display this year – and provide English translations for the book – is fond of Wil suiseki in Japan. In the afternoon I visited, Wil shared some of his favorite entries and described the excitement within the organization and the community about the event. It was a great orientation to a super event – for this, thanks Wil

Overall, the exhibition featured four special entries, 28 Displays Tokonoma, 137 General Exhibitions, and 15 Accessories Suiseki including suiban, Doban and exhibitors! . These are some of the stones on the screen.

Ibigawa Ishi

Batei Ishi

Ibigawa Ishi

Batei ishi – “Dragon Gate”

Sengen Ishi

Hakkaizan Seki

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Setagawa Ishi

Aka tanba ishi – calligraphy reads, “Clouds free from obstructive thoughts “

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Wormwood Patch

Yase Sudachi maguro ishi -” Wormwood Patch “- night scene displacement Yamaguchi Houshun

Furuya Ishi – “nebula Pass Immortals”

Hakkaizan Seki – “Luna Cruce Barranco”

visitors appreciate the general exhibits

Omugawa Ishi

Kurokamo Ishi

Abegawa Ishi

kikka Neo Seki

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Japan Suiseki Exhibition

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