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Incredible New Art from ‘colossal’ –

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Sometimes, as some of you long-term Crataegus blog readers know, I’ll invite you for a left turn and some art show is going on outside the world of bonsai. One of the most inspiring places I know is colossal, and have included some of the recent works featured here, here. This message man so often is difficult to keep up. Meet the wonderful world of colossal

is a colossal Webby-nominated blog that explores the art, design and photography, with a focus on the work that is digital in nature. Each week you can find about 20-25 seats in photography, design, animation, painting, installation, architecture, drawing and street art. There are often published about how far the left, but in general colossal is a reminder that in this digital age there are still countless people who do an amazing job with their bare hands.

totally cool. I love artists who still work with their bare hands … the first is a crazy picture of someone feeding swans, the second was paste-on-the-wall-samples (not digital images), a guy who walked through the snow to create huge designs, dance, nude photography and I totally I go crazy-people testing their fear of heights in this surprisingly fresh installation. Find out the stories about these and many others in Colossal- including a submerged bonsai …










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Incredible New Art from ‘colossal’ –

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