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If your Chojubai do this, do not worry …

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Summer, summer … And his Chojubai is losing its leaves. And you’re going crazy.

Well, maybe they do not.

In the middle of summer, around this time, his ‘Chojubai’ yellow dwarf flowering quince and leave half their leaves. For most things, this would be a rare time of year to lose a lot of leaves, but Chojubai is definitely out of the rare platform designed to see us guessing.


greater Chojubai showing yellowing typical summer. It is also part of the irregular flowering tends to occur in the warmer months.

Please note that this summer yellowing and leaf drop is not related to mosaic disease, which is a minor yellowing at the edges of the leaves.


Another major tree showing the same thing. Also note that the new foliage is larger than the spring foliage.

These small quince are quite rare bugs that do not seem particularly interested in growing leaves. Mercurial, I like. They will use them for a while, then in nearby ditch compost pile they can find. , Ways of life of shameful waste. But they seem to be happy, and just growing a second set of leaves in the summer. These are often larger than the set of leaf springs, but his Chojubai older still have a little look in the summer.

Young plants are a different story. They can drop some leaves summer too, but sometimes not. And on a hot summer like this year, it will keep pushing long shoots …


Chojubai throwing young long shoots in the summer. These plants have none of the yellowing leaves of older plants.

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hot summers can boost growth in Chojubai long. I measured one that was taking off, there are currently 33 “long … and growing!

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If your Chojubai do this, do not worry …

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