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Huy Day: Rocky Mountain Juniper grafted Styling

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I guess the title needs some explanation. about 4 1/2 years I have grafted this Rocky Mountain Juniper (collected by Randy Caballero) with some curiosity foliage Shimpaku I took a shine to. The foliage Shimpaku was a little thicker than we normally see, and I thought it would look good on a tree with a robust and expressive character.

This is the backdrop for Day Uff …

When a tree is grafted with a completely different type foliage, one day, finally, the original foliage needs to be cut. But with a little practice there is little concern, in reality, it is still a bit exciting to finally (after years of waiting) screaming “Ouch!” As you make that final pruning cut.

The tree did well.

And Bobby rewired this summer for the second time. The following is a series of photographs of the last two years, since the day of Huy about four minutes ago, when you took the last photo.


Error No. 1, I have repeated not know how many times: the photo of the tree before cutting what you really like to have in the first picture … students seasonal ‘ “branches Rocky Mountain Juniper cut in 2012.


is replaced … what remains is the post-Huy euphoria, and a tree using the new foliage. Juniper was grafted in 2009 with two small grafts Shimpaku veneer in the original branches of the Rocky Mountains that were about 1/3 “(0.8 cm) thick.


And two growing years later, just before Bobby started working tree a few weeks ago. the jins of the original branches Rocky Mountain Juniper they lead more or less in 2013. cleaned its bark. I think I might need a little more work jin done in this tree, to better marry the old and new jins. I’m still looking into it. they are a bit shocking, but then it is a jarring tree.

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begins to look like a bonsai. the pads on the bottom still needs some time to develop, especially in the lower left, where we let some buds grow much time for a possible cushion already there. It shall determine through some changes in the future

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Huy Day: Rocky Mountain Juniper grafted Styling

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