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How to transplant a bonsai – First steps to transplant a bonsai.

Tools and early indications for transplantation of bonsai tree

How to transplant a bonsaiToday we begin a series of posts about how to transplant a bonsai as spring approaches and how well you know (or not) this is the perfect time for a transplant.

The best time to transplant is early in the growth cycle that coincides with the spring or early summer.

To identify the exact moment that we should proceed to transplantation, we look at the buds which appear to be signs of waking from hibernation. (See the photo)

How to transplant a bonsai

Before the transplant must have on hand a number of tools we use to do the same then name them.

  1. tray for added ground containers (do not have to be any special)
  2. Grilles or mesh plastic or metal to put in the pot.
  3. Small trowel to affirm the substrate.
  4. Hook to remove the substrate from the root ball. (You can use a fork)
  5. Soft cleaning brush plants and roots.
  6. Sticks, ideal for placing the substrate around the roots.
  7. Wire, fine enough to pass through the grid (item 2).

If during transplanting roots need:

  1. Tongs pruning.
  2. Sierras.
  3. Pasta sealer.

Once you possess all the tools we will proceed with the first steps to transplant a bonsai, which are held in a container where we go to plant.

The choice of container is an important issue to which we will devote time to another time as this post is dedicated solely to the action of transplantation.

It is suggested that prior to transplant bonsai be watered to prevent roots from spoiling by removing the ancient land.

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How to transplant a bonsai? Let’s begin:

First cleanse the container placing clean water soak in 1 to 2 days. Once you have spent the time said we dry the pot and proceed to the next step.

Cut two pieces of the grid so that the drainage holes of the pot to be covered, so we prevent the substrate from escaping from them. Take a piece of wire and bend the ends squarely number, enter through the grate, place in the holes and bend the ends back to fix the rack to the back of the container.

How to transplant a bonsai

After this step we proceed to prepare the subject of the root ball. Insert a piece of plastic coated wire through one of the holes to reach the other hole. Make sure the wire is long enough to hold the root ball.

How to transplant a bonsaiIf the container has only one drainage hole, wrap the wire to a small stick of wood or plastic (non-iron) as shown in the picture.

How to transplant a bonsaiThe last step is to add in the background a small layer of coarse sand or gravel, enough to cover the bottom. Then add a thin layer of soil. If you have any doubt about that substrate use read the post about the most suitable type of substrate.

How to transplant a bonsai

We have a container ready for transplant, if you have been in doubt during this process, please contact us through a comment on the post and we will answer you with pleasure.

So far we’ve made it as simple when transplanting a bonsai since we have not started to handling.

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In the next post we will begin with the removal of bonsai, a stage of very delicate process that must perform properly to avoid damage to your bonsai.

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