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how to take care of a bonsai tree

Bonsai tree care , How to take care of a bonsai – Bonsai is the art of creating miniature trees. With this technique, the seedling is modeled in such a way as to make them assume the shapes and the desired size; respecting, of course, their needs. This technique originated in China and later perfected in Japan, reveals all the secrets and tricks on how to care for this plant, a symbol of life.

The bonsai, from which it takes its name, is a small tree with roots firmly in sight, with a rugged and sturdy trunk that gives majesty to the plant and with a crown shaped like a triangle. If you want to cultivate one, here is a guide that will give you some basic guidelines on how to take care of it.

How to take care of a bonsai; Step by step

  1. 1. We begin, first, by pruning;
    basic to keep the trees small and give it the desired shape. The branches to be eliminated are those with curves and shapes unnatural or those very thick at the top of the plant.
    To model them, wrap the branches with wire (anodized aluminum) and fold them at your leisure, so as to make its most harmonious.
  2. Another critical step is watering.
    The frequency varies depending on the plant species, size and climate. It must not be too large, to avoid that the plant rots;
    then make a slight finger pressure on the soil and notice it is slightly dry;
    if so, then what is the right time to water it, keeping the soil moist.
    If you cannot water it regularly, it is recommended to use a mixture (consisting of more universal soil) that holds the water as much as possible and it is also strongly recommended not to water it in the afternoon because the ground has been warmed by the sun, and bathing it is cools more easily.
  3. Next, you need to think about repotting so that the tree is full of roots and die for the lack of nutrient to take care of a bonsai; repotting
    For fast-growing trees, it is recommended to do this every two years; however, for those older and mature, the appropriate time is every 3-5 years. How to care for your bonsai study (click here) however, there is a definite rule, you have to check the plant in early spring, note the growth of roots that must surround the base of the plant and remove them carefully from the pot.
    To repot the plant, you have to follow some simple steps:
    1- put a plastic mesh over the drainage holes and secure it with a copper wire.
    2- On the bottom, first distribute a layer of red gravel and then the soil.
    3- pack it in depth, shorten long roots, move it slightly to the center of the jar and secure it with a copper wire by placing above the soil (composed of akadamia, ghaia end and universal soil) ..
  4. In addition, the manure is essential;
    must be used regularly, but always with doses lower than those indicated on the packaging, paying attention to the type of species indicated.
  5. Then, you need to pay close attention to the occurrence of parasitic diseases.
    The warning signs can be seen from the leaves turn yellow and fall (or because there is little water or little fertilizer), or you can see the worms, caterpillars and various insects that inhabit the plant, or the leaves that are pale and dry up suddenly;
    This can be a symptom of a virus or fungus with an insecticide sprays are easily defeated.
  6. Finally, you must consider the location of our plant.
    The bonsai are mostly indoor plants because quite delicate; so you need to place them in a warm and sheltered where it can easily reach the sunlight.
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How to take care of a bonsai : Advice

Never forget:

  • The soil should not be too thick because otherwise the water is not filtered.
  • Regarding the vessel must choose according to your taste and the size of the plant: high during growth;
  • Smaller when the plant has completed its process of growth.
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How to take care of a bonsai

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