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How to make a Bonsai – The beauty of oriental art of bonsai is already much appreciated in some Western countries.

How to make a Bonsai

Some of the plants that sell already cut trees conventional forms, for the most part not intended to grow more than 50-60 cm stores. There are also for sale utensils to grow plants from seed.

The bonsai garden

For the most part, many trees and shrubs, with the exception of species grow quickly, can be transformed into bonsai. The Japanese juniper and white pine are popular for growing in individual pots and are created with ease.

When planted together in the same container groups bonsai trees called “groves’ are allowed to grow normally at will. Lips, birches and oaks lend themselves to such.

The container or tray (bonsai means “tray planting in ‘), is an integral part of the process. The bonsai trays with holes underneath and generally very shallow may have varied forms round, oval, rectangular and hexagonal, for example. The nicest sight materials are natural stone and terracotta.

How to make a Bonsai : How to prepare a tree

It takes a year or more preparing a bonsai tree from seed. Choose copies in spring or summer between those plants whose main stem is approximately 10 mm in diameter. If you are already in your garden, leave them in the ground. Otherwise, place them in a pot with planting mix outside, but sheltered.

Immediately begin the preparation, the plant can appreciably the desired shape, leaving several main branches each side of the trunk, but beware lest they be directly opposite pairs. Seek a pleasant and balanced but asymmetrical effect.

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In winter the main stem should be 10 mm in diameter and be ready for the next stage of preparation. Cut the main stem about 150 mm from the base. Carefully remove the tree from the soil or the pot and trim it about a third of the roots to fit on the board.

Place the tree on the board, using electrical insulated wire to hold the roots in the holes in the base of that. Put more wire wrapped around the trunk and branches to bend into the desired shape. Wrap the wire in a regular spiral upwards at an angle of 45 °, around the trunk and branches. Do not let that put excessive strain and not the cross fill the tray with planting mix and overlap it a layer of moss. Place the pot in a sheltered place away from home.

Caring for your bonsai

After one year, the second time should prune the main root of bonsai; annually, should surround the tree with new wire so it can grow. You can continue mold it ripping some shoots with his fingers. The size of the leaves or deciduous and evergreen trees can be reduced by cutting with scissors leaves (but not the petiole) at the beginning or middle of summer.

For the most part, bonsai trees should be kept outside the home, except for short periods to be enjoyed inside. In winter, they need a cool sheltered from frost and well lit place.

Water the bonsai trees to keep the soil moderately moist and spray them regularly in spring and autumn, give them once a month a complete food for indoor plants diluted at a ratio of 1 to 4 parts water.

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