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How to make a Bonsai?- part 5 : How to Shape a Bonsai?

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How to Shape a Bonsai is part 5th of the articles about ” how to make a bonsai?” see the previous articles about ” How to Care for a Bonsai?HERE

How to shape a bonsai?

Regular care should be taken that the bonsai will remain in the desired shape, simulating the most natural form of a tree in the field. But for us to tinker in bonsai, it is necessary that he is good with signs of adaptation to the environment. The best tool for manipulating Bonsai is patience.

There is no standard rule for shaping bonsai, but we must follow the principle of creating a representation of a tree in nature. Some natural factors create the shape of the plant in the natural environment, such as high winds, excessive heat, drought, among others, and its effects can also be played in a bonsai shape.

Bonsai is an art, and can easily be seen as a true living sculpture. As such, we must remove some branches and encourage others to take certain directions.

Bonsai Tree, How to Shape a Bonsai?

When you start pruning and guides in a bonsai?

Early on, some really undesirable small branches can now be removed, but when we start pruning bonsai reach the desired height, relatively thick trunk, and a considerable number of branches.

Pruning too early can cause your bonsai that you cannot take advantage of strategic branches that still come. The right time to start pruning will vary from few months to several years after planting.

How to shape the bonsai?

There are many techniques we model the branches of a bonsai. Among these techniques, the most widely used medium is copper wire or aluminum jacketed, so that the plants do not get hurt in the end. We must remember that sudden change could lead to disruption of the branch, which requires caution.

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In general, the base of the branches are left almost horizontal because so are the trees in nature.

With the wires in both branches and the trunk can be modeled. But we must always be careful not to observe the growth of new shoots. When the guided sector remains stable, adapted to its new shape, we remove the wires from it to allow its full development.

How to prune a bonsai?

Pruning bonsai is one of the most important treatments, and should be done with caution.

The bonsai should be pruned so that their twigs seem large branches of a tree in nature. Excess branches can generate too thin branches, so we should only keep those strategic.

Plan your bonsai before pruning.

Look your bonsai highlighting its key features, such as the thickness and shape of the trunk; location, shape and thickness of branches; regions where the leaves are thicker, among other factors. Eliminate the branches in your mind that are out of their plans, and try to imagine your bonsai after pruning. If it is based on a plant, do not rely on other bonsai, but in a large tree in nature.

According to the desired plant architecture, the undesirable cutting branches near the base thereof, with the aid of a pruning shears clean. If in doubt about the removal of a branch or not, leave it there longer, until you decide.

Unwanted shoots that may arise should be removed. The buds that have a good potential Already to be retained.

Tips to keep your Bonsai with natural pruning:

  1. Make visible trunk, removing small shoots him.
  2. Clean the canopy. Remove excess leaves near the stem.
  3. At the base, and keep a few large branches. The top of the plant has more branches.
  4. The branches are usually low in nearly horizontal position, and not pointing to the top.
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With reading this article, you become able to start this art, or at least learn to appreciate the bonsai technique.

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How to make a Bonsai?- part 5 : How to Shape a Bonsai?

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