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How to grow an apple tree bonsai

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How to grow an apple tree bonsai – Bonsai are miniature plants created by a particular Japanese art of cultivation. Compared to the normal ones, need special care, but with a little ‘attention everyone can learn how to cultivate them. In this guide we will see how to grow bonsai apple tree, also called Japanese apple tree. The plant has an early flowering and fragrant, miniature edible bear’s fruits that remain attached to the branches for several months and it is also very resistant to pest attacks.

how to grow an apple bonsai tree

Growing an Apple tree bonsai; necessary

Make sure you have at hand:

  • vessel
  • gravel
  • soil with organic substance

Step by Step to grow an apple tree bonsai

  1. In the spring the apple tree bonsai through its growing season, so when will spring flowers and new leaves will have to keep it in a largely sunny. In the summer it’s good to protect it from direct sunlight, and then you will have to place it in a shaded area. If you do not have a shaded environment, you can fill the jars with a cloth so as to keep the roots protected. Place them in a saucer filled with gravel wetland. This step is very useful because it limits the spider mite infestations.
    In the fall as a regulator in the spring.
    In winter, you can keep the pots outside trying to protect the roots from frost. Irrigated abundantly the soil of the apple tree, but to prevent water stagnation performed a watering in more waiting time that water is completely absorbed by the soil.
  2. The pruning and repotting should be done every year since the first year of life of the plant, instead of the older ones will be performed every two to three years. I recommend that you prune after flowering bonsai, when they killed all the flowers and the buds will present “wood”. Reduce the roots of a third, leaving intact the roots close to the trunk. The soil must have good drainage, so it’s best to use a soil containing organic matter.
  3. In the summer, shorten new shoots. You have to operate on the new branches that have at least six must be shortened internodes and after the second, third internode. In late May you defoliation, or remove the dried leaves and reduce the too large.
    Remember that Apple is subject to red spider infestation and Cochineal, if you notice the presence of these parasites is well act quickly by applying natural insecticides that will be administered every two weeks.
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How to grow an apple tree bonsai

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