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How to create bonsai from layering

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How to create bonsai, How to make bonsai – The layering a plant is not real but a method through which a branch is obtained from a plant to be able to subsequently create a new plant, in our case is a bonsai. The process must take place in months not cold, which is when the plant from which the extract branch is called vegetative state, it is better to choose a plant that takes root quickly; otherwise we will have to wait years. Having said this, let’s create our bonsai layering.

how to create bonsai from layering

Create Bonsai from Layering ; Necessary

Make sure you have at hand:

  • Knife
  • Bag
  • Peat
  • Wire
  • Vase with soil
  • Pruning shears

Step by Step to create bonsai from layering

  1. We carefully select the branch that will be the basis of our bonsai, it is quite robust. With a knife practice an incision in a part of pleasure to about 1/3 of the diameter and length of 7 centimeters, strip it of its bark and then let the plant begins to heal and close the cut, subsequently insert a small toothpick to leave that the part remains slightly open. Now we take the turf and let’s make it wet with the plain water, apply it around creating a bandage made of opaque plastic and held up by a bit ‘of wire, remember not to close completely because we must ensure that peat is always
    how to create a bonsai from layering
  2. After a few months, we will notice that some roots begin to bud and at this point the branch will be removed from the plant with a cut below the bandage which we previously offense. of an earthen vessel containing at least 15 cm of soil and the branch, to keep the heat we have to cover it with plastic (I recommend always opaque). For a few weeks we will have to cut the branches that grow around and if we can plant next to a small stick of wood to act as a support to grow bonsai vertically.
    how to create bonsai from layering_3
  3. The following year, in the spring we can finally proceed to transfer the plant into a bonsai pot, cleaning moss and twigs in excess. Finally, it is better to point out that not all plants are able to “endure” this treatment and to create excellent bonsai elm, willow and maple trees, along with camellia and pomegranate give excellent results, and others may not even survive. Discussion How to prune a bonsai (click here) In addition to any plant or tree falls the choice is always a good idea to protect your bonsai from excessive heat and cold, especially in the early stages of the procedure.
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How to create bonsai from layering

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