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How to care for bonsai rosemary?

rosemary bonsai tree

Bonsai rosemary

The bonsai is a faithful reproduction of miniature species of plants as well as complement the aesthetic, Bonsai, are the ultimate expression of the mother plants, which contain all the aesthetic and physiological. The cultivation of bonsai requires the various cultural practices, which differ in part, depend on the species and the specific needs related to the single tree in miniature. The bonsai is a natural masterpiece, which encompasses the majestic charm of elements in a reduced size.

The care of these small trees is the basic assumption of the same crop. There are several cultural practices aimed at training and retention of a bonsai: the common watering, repotting and fertilizing, are flanked by other operations (performed with less frequency rhythmic), such as stapling, defoliation, application of wires and weights, grafting, ligatures. The bonsai maintains its natural form, by human intervention, and through a series of specific techniques that promote their survival.

Most of the plants tend to adapt perfectly to the artistic reproduction bonsai, except for some rare cases: rosemary is a plant with reduced size, which requires a series of special maneuvers to be conformed as bonsai.

Rosemary cultivation techniques

rosemary bonsai tree

Rosemary is an evergreen plant that grows mainly in the areas of the Mediterranean. It ‘a bonsai wild, outdoor, requiring a Mediterranean climate and a location well lit by the sun. It is Also resistant to low temperatures, but fears the frost and rapid temperature changes. The basic cultural practices are watering, fertilizing, repotting.

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Watering is an operation that varies in relation to the type of climate, in relation to the quantity of land, the container size and the capacity of resistance of each individual plant to water shortage. The interventions of irrigation should be measured with extreme caution, especially during the rainy season and cold. During the summer, however, the watering will be increased with the participation of mist on the aerial part of the plant. In the summer time we must avoid actions irrigation during the hottest hours, preferring instead bands fresh as the morning or evening.

Rosemary Bonsai care

rosemary bonsai tree care

Taking care of a bonsai is to perform a series of coordinated operations that help to prolong survival and to preserve its beauty. In particular during the development phase, appears to be crucial fertilization: it serves to integrate the principles nutrients needed to make the ground fertile; for rapid absorption of nutrients fertilizers, choose a liquid fertilizer that is spread on the ground already wet.

Fertilization helps the soil to retain its essential properties, favoring in this way, an optimum development of the plant. Repotting is rather a task that must be done necessarily in alternate years: in fact, the soil must be replaced with a soil composed of sand, peat, gravel, so that it is fresh, soft and drained so as to avoid unpleasant stagnant water. The process of repotting also provides for the elimination of all large and woody roots, which prevent the growth of new ones. These are to be cut with the nippers well disinfected, so as to avoid that the roots cut off, become a vehicle for possible infections.

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How to care for a bonsai Rosemary: Rosemary Bonsai Cultural practices

The pruning, is an operation that is performed rarely, since the bonsai rosemary, requires no special interventions severing. Stapling is carried out with leaves and twigs. It also severed branches with irregular gait, or those affected by particular insects and mold, which could infect the healthy part of the bonsai, compromising in this way the survival. Interventions watering, fertilizing, repotting and pruning are always accompanied by a number of other interventions such as the use of weights and wire rods that help create a counter-weight which helps the bonsai to maintain its posture.

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How to care for bonsai rosemary?

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