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How to Care for a Bonsai tree – Bonsai is a Japanese word meaning “tree in tray”, and the Bonsai is exactly a replica of a large tree, only in miniature and set in a small vase. Bonsai, as well as Ikabana is considered art, since the miniature plants arise from specific care and techniques were performed and achieved by man.

To obtain a Bonsai care takes years, involving the regular pruning of roots and canopy, resulting in lower consumption of water and nutrients that alters the natural process of tree growth, causing it to become one Bonsai; or a plant in miniature. Currently there are many masters of bonsai, and the technique can be learned by anyone who enjoys gardening and has minimal knowledge on the subject.

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Historians cite that art was born in Thailand, but the Chinese were the first to grow trees and shrubs in ceramic pots, aiming to stimulate meditation; hence the coalition between Bonsai and eastern religion. Bonsai was later taken to Japan and in the last two decades, the cultivation of Bonsai won fans worldwide.

Bonsai should have a 30 to 60 cm in height, and must possess all the characteristics that would size tree. There are 4 types of bonsai and are classified as:

  1. Mame, with up to 12cm;
  2. Shohin with up to 25cm;
  3. Chuin, which reaches 45cm;
  4. Chumono up to 90cm;

There are also different styles of bonsai that are achieved through the techniques that are used in root pruning and crown. For example to achieve the Moyogi style, the trunk of the Bonsai expected to grow twisting, leaning in more than one direction as it grows. You Fukinagashi style, Bonsai or miniature tree looks like it was “swept” by the wind; Chokan the style is to regulate the growth and the thickness of the trunk gets thick at the root and becomes thinner on top of the bonsai. As mentioned, these effects are achieved through the application of correct technique of pruning and caring for Bonsai over the years.

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Some bonsai can cost thousands of dollars, and it is good to be careful because not every tree is even a miniature Bonsai; so it is suggested that purchase in specialty stores.

How to Care for a Bonsai

The bonsai is a plant or a tree in miniature and delicate so you need to treat it as such. One Bonsai is a work of art that took many years to be achieved and should therefore be treated with great care.

  • Depending on the species Bonsai requires 2 to 4 hours daily exposure to sunlight. Can be exposed to the sun in the morning and after 16 hours.
  • For all Bonsai receive the light, turn the vessel, so that the sunlight also covers on all sides of the vessel.
  • During the “sunbathing” place the pot Bonsai on a wooden surface, since wood does not absorb the sun’s heat and so no problem “bottom-up”, as would happen with a metal surface or stone.
  • Watering should be done regularly, noting that the soil does not get soaked with water, which could lead to root rot.
  • You should fertilize your bonsai regularly, both to inquire about how to proceed, in the place where you bought it or at specialty stores.
  • Pruning should be done by people who have knowledge in the art of Bonsai, do not venture alone or without first receiving guidance from an expert in Bonsai.
  • For your Bonsai has long life is very important you learn about which species it belongs and how to be careful, as each species may require special care.
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