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How to care for a bonsai – The perfect gift idea and a plant rich in history and tradition. Let’s see how to care for a bonsai.

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The care of a bonsai is far from simple, but if you follow a few tips correctly, the reward will be great, and you have a beautiful plant, perfect as decor.

The bonsai was born in China, but in the eighth century in Japan has approved art cultivation of trees and dwarf shrubs artificially.

The word Bonsai is Japanese bon means pot and you know farming, bonsai, in fact, is the art of growing these plants, not the plant itself, although it is now common to refer to the plant.

The most common plants are juniper bonsai, bamboo, maples, pines and azaleas

For healthy growth of the plant is necessary, first of all, to plant them in the cassettes that allow the roots to develop freely, by increasing the force of the shaft. From here it goes to tape “training”, smaller and useful to the strengthening of the roots reached the consonant length.

Now you can put in a pot which will be on display: This container must be shielded holes to allow water to drain, while keeping the soil in the pot.

The soil in which to be planted should have a base of coarse sand or gravel, expanded clay pellets combined with peat or bark. Fertilizers can be organic and chemical (but it is always better to use organic ones.

For proper growth, takes several hours for the uce direct sunlight or lightly filtered, the oxen could kill the plant.

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The maintenance and care have to be taken into strong consideration: we need special tools, such as milling concave, designed to prune flush; shears of various sizes; pliers and wires of copper or anodized aluminum are useful to hold the top branches.

The pruning of the leaves to be made for some trees, seasonally. It can also give pleasure to forms with the cutting, but especially with the aforementioned wires in the weave in which the trunk and branches to deflect the direction of development of the plant: this practice should be made of spring and autumn.

For wet use a watering can and never leave the ground dry. At the time spread must not be soaked, however, depends on the plant if give more or less water.

You’re done, your tree is ready, but, please, keep an eye on, it needs constant care!

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