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How to care for a bonsai tree Japanese Juniper

Japanese Juniper Bonsai tree Care Instructions ; With proper care, a bonsai tree Japanese Juniper will flourish for many years. These trees, natives of Eastern culture, are simple to maintain and provide the owners with a rewarding part-time vocation. This plant indoors or outdoors requires some basic resources for maintenance. The following guidelines will ensure that your Japanese bonsai Juniper will continue to thrive and provide aesthetic pleasure with its blue-green foliage and spring flowers.

Japanese Juniper Bonsai tree Care instructions

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things you need

  • Japanese Juniper Bonsai
  • Water
  • Plant Food
  • Sunlight


  1. Feel the ground on a daily basis to determine if the juniper bonsai needs watering. Allow the soil to dry out completely between watering sessions. When the soil is dry, water the tree submerging the pot in a container of water such as a sink full. Allow the tree to soak for five to ten minutes and then remove it from the water to drain. If you prefer the juniper bonsai with a watering can of water, add the water a range of applications, wait a few minutes between each interval.
  2. Provide your juniper bonsai fertilizer every two weeks during the spring months of decline. Acceptable include organic fertilizer pellets, fish emulsion or seaweed fertilizer. Dilute chemical fertilizer to half strength if you choose to use this option to power.
    Avoid direct sunlight, putting your bonsai juniper in a shaded area. Low lighting is required and will allow your tree to flourish.
  3. Maintain a favorable temperature. Juniper bonsai trees are able to grow in a wide temperature range. Provides the tree with a period of “rest” during the colder months, putting it in a cool environment for a long period of time. Ideally, the tree should remain at a temperature of 60 degrees or cooler during this time, allowing the bonsai to enter a dormant phase.
  4. Re-pot your bonsai juniper on a schedule depends on your age: for less than six years old, re-pot every two years trees. Switch every three to five years after his bonsai Juniper has matured over the last six years old. How to perform the transplant, be sure to water adequately. Move the plant to a shady area for several weeks to allow the growth of new roots.
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Tips & Warnings

You can also add non-essential elements to your juniper bonsai, such as moss or having it sit on a bed of stones. Add moss creates a decorative effect and aid in moisture retention. Put the bonsai atop a tray full of stone is a decorative option that also provides an area for excess moisture to drain and helps maintain ideal humidity.


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How to care for a bonsai tree Japanese Juniper

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