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The basic care for bonsai

A bonsai tree : how to care for a bonsai?

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that these small plants are usually from inside. They are so delicate, in fact, that cannot be exposed to weather. It is in fact miniature trees that can be kept for years in a small jar. For this reason, even though their natural life cycle and vegetative is respected, require special care, and much more attention than other indoor plants.

First of all, we come to the basic care, such as watering and fertilizing. It will be necessary that the soil of the pot in which you will find our dwarf tree does not become dry (which is why, if you’ll have to be away from home for several days, it will be better to entrust the plant to someone). The bonsai should be watered too much, not too little; a good rule of thumb is to make sure that the soil remains always wet. We will have to intervene at the time when the earth becomes wet At this point; we have to water the plant so abundant. As you can see from this first piece of advice, it is necessary that this type of trees to be monitored on an ongoing basis: watering is not in fact the only treatment they are to receive from us

Another very important aspect of care for these miniature trees is in fact fertilization: bonsai grow in small pots, so you have to manure often because they have nutrients are always new. In the market there are specific fertilizers and fertilizers, we recommend to use: Alternatively, they can also go other types of fertilizer, but be careful not to exceed the amount necessary for our plant. We recommend that you always follow the directions on the packaging of the fertilizer that you purchased.

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Do not forget the location of the house where the plant will be located. This can also affect substantially to the state of his health. Indoor plants will necessarily be placed in a warm area of the house, away from doors or other sources of air and drafts. Many plants also need sunlight to be able to live well: then us ensure that you place the pot in a bright area of the house. This also applies to the outdoor plants, although in this case will have to be placed outside. A terrace or balcony is a great choice, so that you can eventually move inside in the event of snow, frost or heavy rain.

How to care for a bonsai Repotting and diseases

bonsai tree care : bonsai repotting

The only fertilizer is not enough to live our little plant: Periodically you will need to repot it in order to make a replacement of land and nutrients. Usually repotting should be done every two years; but for some types of these plants can suffice even every five years. The operation is quite simple, but we must make sure we do it in the spring. Is to extract the plant from the pot gently, examining the roots, shortening and cutting away the dry skin. The tree will then be placed in the new pot with soil specific (available at garden centers).

Sometimes it happens that, despite our loving care, the plant becomes ill. If this happens, do not worry: in case of attack by fungi or parasites will be necessary to intervene with specific products. If our intervention is timely, the plant will heal without problems.

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