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How pot-cut pine seedlings

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When making cuttings from young seedlings pine – seedling cuttings – is important to use a potting medium that retains moisture. A simple way to accomplish this is by using a potting medium like sand. Its small particles retain moisture and sufficient for new roots to develop air.

Although fine particles of sand are good for the development of new roots, which do not provide drainage cuts will once established new roots. For this reason, it is common to use various degrees of soil when planting cuttings of seedlings.

In the past, I used a solid cylinder to make a crater in which I pour wet sand to keep cuttings. At a recent meeting Bay Island Bonsai, I learned a craft technique that makes the process easier. Start by filling a small plastic pot about half full of bonsai soil road. then I got an open cylinder, a section of “irrigation pipe 3/4 in this case, on top of the soil.

Cylinder resting on bonsai soil

plastic pot, soil of bonsai, PVC cylinder

pureed my bonsai soil around the cylinder.

Bonsai soil around cylinder

pot of bonsai soil

then fill the cylinder with sand and then remove it.

Sand inside cylinder

sand-filled cylinder

After removing cylinder

After removing the cylinder

prefer to use a higher degree of sand, but it is all that I have at this time. as an experiment, which replaced the sand with very fine particles Akadama, the result of search from akadama “powder “with a sieve fine.

Very small akadama

Akadama fine particles

Using akadama instead of sand

” pot 3 fine akadama

After filling the pots with soil, he gave them water and put a very small hole for cuttings. I made the cuttings root hormone applied, left them in place, and then watered again (see “Creating cuts seedling” for details).

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Seedling-cutting planted in akadama

fine cut akadama

To retain additional moisture, I added some sand on top of the akadama.

Sand sprinkled atop akadama

fine sand sprinkled on akadama

using individual pots for my cuttings seedling red pine, as only a few were mature enough to make the cuts. Many more of my black pine seedlings were ready. Instead of planting these in individual containers as usual, they were planted in rows in a large pot. Two of the rows are planted in fine and two sand covered with some sand akadama.

Seedling-cuttings planted in rows

cuttings seedling in terracotta pot

Once the root cuttings, will replant in individual containers and start fertilizing. Until then, I’ll keep them under an awning with my other cuts.

Seedling-cuttings placed under shade cloth

The cuts in the shade

The first time I made cuttings seedling created a mini-hot home to keep moisture, while rooted cuttings . It was essentially a plastic box that are distributed in the potted cuttings. Now that I have an irrigation system, I leave the cuts in the open so the system can keep them moist. In the future, I can create a box with an inner lord to maintain even greater humidity.

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How pot-cut pine seedlings

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