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How are your vigorous pines?

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We all know the basic signs that are our pines are healthy -. dark green foliage and long spring buds

Green growth on a pine 12 years old

vigorous spring session

There is another clear sign that the pines are healthy they can not be so obvious. At first glance, pine below seems to expect a healthy pine to look in early spring.

healthy pine

Looking more closely, emerging buds at the ends of the branches are buds summer -. New growth at the end of spring buds that have fully elongated

outbreaks summer

When pines are strong, which can drive a second wave of growth without decandling . If you see these outbreaks when the trees are developing large – pines are growing in the march. If, however, this looks much more refined in the trees, less water and fertilizer could be to curb the trees.

Trees down at the beginning of its refinement. My main goal at this stage is to slow them down to the point where they can produce refined outbreaks can use to build the basic structure branch.

How can I stop the trees down? I’ll eat less and decandle trees later. Seeing how trees are in autumn after decandling inform water regime and fertilizer for next year.

12 years old, pines

Three outbreaks of summer emerge from the end of a session of spring

Another 12-year-old black pine

emerging Needles from outbreaks summer

space still available for June 11 Fundamentals black pine class

This Saturday will be giving a lecture on spring work for Japanese black and red pine that focuses on decandling. I’m not sure if your trees are ready to be decandled or do not know how to proceed? Come on Saturday for a conference, show and work with pine hands. For more information or to register Black Pine Fundamentals class.

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How are your vigorous pines?

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