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historic Old Catlin Elm –

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is an ancient tree created by one of our great masters of bonsai California Ishii. His son Gary Ishii is now head of the family daycare Chikugo-in in Los Angeles. A client of mine found this unusual Catlin Elm, who had gone from being a cut But about 50 years ago. It is a tree of modest size, chuhin , 15 “high, 24” wide.

old deciduous are well done are very rare. The lion’s share of credit always goes to the creator of the tree, when grown for a long time, since I was young. This is how it looked the day it was bought

ishii elm

Because the tree was so well maintained we only did a couple of things and those who were subtle. A retired branch in front, the tree rose slightly to show nebari, the front moved slightly, and also found an old Chinese boat for him. The color of olive pot Chinese is about 150 years old and has been used in the Kokufu show a couple of times.


is fun to play with changing the pot, and see how it changes the tree. Sometimes the tree really change much, you may feel differently, with a new boat.

We liked this boat not only because it is a bit more attractive and has a smoother for our elm, but also because of the age of the boat is reflected in the patina, and is compatible with the true age lines from the tree. (If you fly picture a little can see the light scratches white-cream color … that is actually true enamel color. The cast grayish brown on it the patina of years use … that’s what a pot that is 150 years offer).

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ishii elm pot

The sun deep into the enamel and patina of the pot is more easily visible. gorgeous old pot, make ceramists as stupid grin of admiration.

On the day of New Year is nice to look back and savor the past. Work Ishii sale on this tree is worthy of a bow of gratitude, decades of careful cultivation and training we can enjoy today.

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historic Old Catlin Elm –

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